Derbyshire County Councillors Members Community Leadership Fund

Chesterfield Ladies FC would like to go on record to thank all seven Derbyshire County Councillors from Chesterfield for their generous contribution from their members community leadership fund.

DCC Councillors

Ron Mihaly who spoke on behalf of the Councillors said  "The contribution came from all seven Chesterfield, Derbyshire County Councillors, £1400 in total, £200 each. It came from members community leadership fund (mclf) - each member gets an annual allowance. The fund is intended for groups and individuals who find it difficult to access more "traditional"  funding streams. I just co-ordinated  the offer rather than you approaching the others on an  individual basis. The reason we supported it was two fold: firstly DCC  promotes healthy lifestyles, especially amongst young people and secondly in this day and age affordability can be an issue for parents. To us it seemed a "no brainer". Best wishes and success for the future". 

Chesterfield Ladies FC Chair Keith Jackson said of the contribution "We are extremely grateful for the contribution that DCC have given us. This has enabled us to provide new equipment for each of our teams this season, as well as going towards equipment for our new Under 10 side. We currently have over 115 players registered to our club and we require generous support from outside the Club to enable us to keep providing girls in the region with the opportunity to play football".